The new web site of Loyola Sanctuary offers the chance to make a virtual visit through spectacular videos montages. The project seeks to invite users to get to know the sanctuary and to get closer to Ignatian spirituality. The web site is available in four languages and can be accessed from
Some months ago two drones made their appearance outside and inside the sanctuary, much to the surprise of visitors. Their intent was not to invade but to record the spectacular images that make up part of the new web site of Loyola Sanctuary: and that offers visitors a unique experience of Loyola without leaving their home.

All that Loyola has to offer brought together in a single site

The web site of the Loyola Sanctuary integrates the different facets of the place – the religious, the spiritual, the cultural, the artistic, or the historical – offering permanently updated information about the activities that are organized daily.
The site contains pages specific to each of the elements that comprise the Loyola Sanctuary: the House of Ignatius, the Basilica, the Spirituality Center, the Hostel, and the Library. Their current functions and services can be found along with their history and heritage. Information has also been included about Ignatian places nearby and about other attractions around the area, forming a resource guide for visitors to plan their stay.

The chance to fly over Loyola

The most striking content of the site are its videos. The main pages of the site include audiovisual montages that allow us to virtually travel through Loyola. The videos capture images of the unusual areas of the sanctuary, recorded by drone, both inside and outside the main buildings.
The home page offers an introductory video entitled “Fly” that has gone viral in social media. There are also videos on the House of Ignatius – “the heart of the sanctuary” – and the Basilica, which allows for contemplation of the details of the church and its cupola that have never before been available.
The web site is an opportunity to rediscover the beauty of the Urola valley and the heritage of Loyola Sanctuary, which should not leave anyone unsatisfied.
Invitation to Ignatian spirituality
The goal of the virtual space is to be a place of encounter and welcome for all and an invitation to get closer to Ignatian spirituality by means of the experiences of Ignatius of Loyola, a man that lived for the search for knowledge, feeling, and fulfillment of the will of God.
With that goal in mind, the site has been created in four languages – Spanish, Basque, English, and French – is optimized for mobile applications, and uses modern language in the text, videos, and photos.

What is Loyola?

Situated in the valley of the river Urola, Loyola Sanctuary is an architectural compound that was constructed around the Loyola family house. Two events changed Loyola into a continual center of pilgrimage: the birth of Ignatius Lopez of Loyola in 1491 and his conversion in 1521.
Adding to the spiritual value of the place is the Basilica, a Baroque jewel that attracts thousands of visitors every year.
A steady community of about 50 Jesuits resides in the sanctuary. The Spirituality Center in Loyola Sanctuary attracts people and groups from all over the world to make the Spiritual Exercises in any of its forms in this highly symbolic place.
The sanctuary celebrates this year the first Jubilee Year of the Ignatian Way and is already preparing for the 500-year Jubilee of the conversion of St. Ignatius in 2021-2022.

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