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about us

Loyola Retreat House (CEL) is an institution of the Society of Jesus located in the Sanctuary of Loyola. It was founded in 1972, in a building that had been a centre for the formation of Jesuits for decades.

The purpose of the House is to promote Ignatian spirituality through retreats and courses.

We want to preserve the most authentic experience of St. Ignatius of Loyola, bringing spirituality for today's world using new language and forms.

A team of Jesuits, lay people and a community of religious sisters work in the house.

CEL-Arrupe (Arrupe Centre)

The esplanade in front of the Basilica of St. Ignatius borders to the south with a small building made of stone taken from Mount Izarraitz and the same style as the Sanctuary of Loyola: it is the old Hostelry of Loyola.

After different uses over time, and under the direction of the Jesuits and the collaboration of the Slave Sisters of Christ the King, the centre served as a retreat house, a place for meetings, courses, retreats, etc. But especially from 1998, and given the existence of the adjacent Centre of Spirituality, the Hostelry recovered its initial function as a guest house at the service of the Sanctuary and the Centre.

After a deep restructuring, on June 28th 2001 the former restructured Hostelry was inaugurated under the name of Centro Arrupe.

Until 2010 the Arrupe Centre operated as an Ignatian reception centre for the promotion of personal growth and spiritual experience. A space to find inner peace, in relation to oneself, others and God. With the possibility also of sharing and celebrating life and faith.

From 2010 to 2020, the building was rented to a family who operated it as the Arrupe Hotel, welcoming all the variety of people who came to Loyola, without forgetting the primordial spirit of Loyola.

Now, in 2020, at the end of the hotel rental contract, the Sanctuary of Loyola recovers the use and management of the building as an annex of the Loyola Spirituality Centre (CEL). The aim is to recover the initial perspective, both of the Hostelry and of the Arrupe Centre, in its dimensions of welcoming pilgrims and devotees of St. Ignatius, and of persons and groups who come to Loyola for spiritual, formation or apostolic meetings.

The new name of the facility, CEL-Arrupe (Arrupe Centre), is intended to show the integration of the annex of the Spirituality Centre (CEL) with the reception of people (CEL-Arrupe), an activity that has never been lacking since the beginnings of the Hostelry of Loyola. This integration allows the use of both buildings' facilities without distinction, although the CEL is more explicitly dedicated to retreat, silence and Ignatian spirituality activities.

The houses

The Loyola Retreat House (CEL) has spacious and comfortable facilities that promote an environment of silence, essential to a deeply lived encounter with God:

  • capacity for 152 people in single, double and triple rooms complete with bathrooms
  • seven chapels and oratories
  • direct access to the Chapel of the Conversion
  • conference room with multimedia equipment and simultaneous translation booths
  • conference hall with multimedia equipment
  • five classrooms for work sessions
  • twelve classrooms for small groups and personal accompaniment
  • four dining rooms
  • wifi and computer room with common printer
  • private park of 20 hectares and parking

CEL-Arrupe (Arrupe Center)

  • capacity for 71 people, in single and double rooms with full bathroom
  • chapel
  • conference room with multimedia equipment
  • one meeting room
  • living room
  • one dining room
  • wifi and computer room with common printer
  • private garden and parking

the spiritual exercises

They are a process, a path, which help us to find God and discover his will in our own lives. They are born from the experience of Saint Ignatius of Loyola himself in the sixteenth century and since then they have helped people of all times and places to live for God by engaging in the world.

In Loyola, we offer Ignatian retreats in different ways:

  • personalized and to groups
  • varying lengths: weekend, five days, eight days, a month
  • for young people and adults, lay people, religious, priests
  • for beginners and for those with more experience
  • inspired by the Ignatian text and opened to other perspectives: family, ecology, etc.

There is always an ambience of silence, time for prayer, and personal accompaniment

other activities

We offer other courses, spiritual and pastoral programmes linked to the inspiration of the House:

  • Retreats during Advent and Lent
  • Ignatian leadership training
  • Ignatian identity and mission training
  • National and international meetings of the Society of Jesus
  • Teachers training of colleges of the Society of Jesus (Educsi)
  • Teachers training of Universities of the Society of Jesus (Unijes)
  • Activities organized by the Diocese, Confer and other religious groups
  • General Chapters of Religious Congregations

useful Information

  • Reservations can be made in advance using the application form on this web site or by sending an email to
  • Sheets and towels are provided
  • It is possible to adapt the menu to meet different dietary requirements
  • We have a scholarship fund for young people, families and the unemployed
  • Payment options: bank transfer, check, card or cash
  • Near the House, there are several supermarkets, cash points, gas stations, pharmacies and other shops

Loyola Retreat House
Loiola Auzoa, 15
20730 Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa)
Tel: +34 943 025 025
GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 43.173312 (43º 10' 23.92" N)
Longitude: -2.281947 (2º 16' 55.01" W)

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