2015 has been a year full of changes, new proposals, and lots of activity for the Loyola Spirituality Center. This year, made special by the celebration of the jubilee of the Ignatian camino and by the Year of Mercy, around 8,000 people passed through Loyola to make the Spiritual Exercises and retreats, to be trained, or to participate in meetings of all kinds.

Renovation of the house

A center with the capacity for 152 people, with seven chapels, four dining rooms, and some 20 meeting rooms of various sizes requires constant maintenance and renovation. This year the insulation was improved with new windows, wifi coverage was strengthened, and new coffee machines were installed, not to mention the infinite number of smaller repairs. All so that the people and groups who come here can find what they seek: an encounter with God, formation, camaraderie, etc.

New projects

In the past year we have strengthened the long-standing traditions of the Center, such as the Spiritual Exercises (personalized and in groups), Ignatian leadership formation (groups 4 and 5), and identity and mission formation (groups 9, 10, and 11). Furthermore, we have begun some new initiatives in the field of the Spiritual Exercises: for families (May), in English for Jesuits (July), and the personalized month-long retreat (November).

Service to the Province

Loyola is a reference point for the new Jesuit Province of Spain, without a doubt; in April the first Province Congregation took place, as preparation for General Congregation 36. Furthermore, throughout the year we have welcomed Jesuits in formation and in theological studies and tertianship making the Spiritual Exercises; the novices have prepared to profess their first vows here, and have shared some celebratory time with their families. Meetings of various apostolic sectors have also been abundant: Unijes, Educsi, Social, etc.

International perspective

The international dimension of the Center has been very important: in the last few months, people from the five continents have passed through Loyola. As such, there have been meetings of Alboan-Comparte (April), Jesuit Formateurs of Europe (July), Networking for Justice (November), as well as various retreats in English, French, and Italian. The dissemination of information in four languages by way of the new web page has helped to spread awareness of Loyola beyond our own borders.

Looking at the context closer to home

Keeping an eye on the local context and working from there has been indispensable to us. Some highlights include the Apostolic Subject of the Loyola TAP in April, the apostolic community day of the University of Deusto, the Christmas celebration of the Jesuits of PAL Guipuzkoa, and Advent and Lenten retreats for the parish staffs of the Urola Valley. Lastly, we have welcomed groups for various activities from the diocese, Confer, etc.

New web page, new languages

The new web page of the Loyola Sanctuary was published in October: www.santuariodeloyola.org/en thanks to the work of a large team, with an eye to bringing to the internet all that Loyola, the birthplace of Ignatius, represents. We took on the challenge of communicating, with clear and accessible language, this valuable historic heritage, our life and mission today, and plans for the future.
We thank God for so much good received in the year 2015 through encounters with so many people, and we hope to make ourselves available as much as possible throughout 2016.