Feast of St. Ignatius

Wednesday, 31 July 2019


LP StIg writing Hundley lores 260Creator God, who loves pilgrims everywhere,
thank you for the journey of your saint, Ignatius of Loyola,
who marked the path for those of us who follow his example in following Jesus.
Thank you for drawing Ignatius to your grace and to a life of spiritual discovery.
Thank you for teaching him about prayer so that he could teach us.
Thank you for using a person so obviously imperfect,
so that we could have hope for ourselves.
May we continue on our journeys—as individuals and as the Church—
following Ignatius’s example of persistence, humility, courage, and gratitude.
May we grow to love you more dearly with every step we take.
May we invite others to walk with us,
and may we become loving and faithful companions to all who journey toward you.